Proteomics has never been so insightful

What makes ProteiQ different?

ProteiQ Biosciences combines deep expertise in proteomics with algorithmic capabilities, machine learning and cloud computing power.



  • State-of-art proteomics tailored to your need
  • Highly reproducible measurements
  • Increased protein identification
  • Low intersample variability
  • Quicker turnaround for large studies via parallel measurements

ProteiQ offers a unique

Cloud-based solution for Data Processing

We have developed InfineQ – a cloud-based solution for MS-DIA signal extraction to enable fast processing of thousands of samples.

Automated sample preparation protocol, coupled with high standardization of LC-MS/MS workflow ensures low inter-sample variability, even in very large studies.

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ProteiQ works for your success

Here is what we offer:

MS-DIA: Next-generation proteomics

DIA (Data Independent Acquisition) reliably, reproducibly and quantitatively identifies proteins of interest within complex samples with high sensitivity and specificity. The determination of all measurable proteins within a sample allows post hoc analysis of individual proteins or peptides. DIA is relatively free from the limitations of traditional MS-based topN approaches, such as missing data. Furthermore, since DIA provides a complete peptide map of each sample, it permits systematic comparisons for biomarker identification and the interrogation of biological pathways. These approaches hold immense promise for biomarker discovery.

Parallel sample processing in multiple labs

By collaborating with MS facilities all over the world, we have established a network of well-equipped laboratories. Through this parallelization of MS time we are able to reach higher sample turnover for large studies. By maintaining high standards for Quality Control, we are able to control any MS and/or chromatographic deviations among labs.

Standardized workflow & quality control

We understand that keeping technical variability to an absolute minimum is vital for any proteomics experiment. Therefore, every part of our workflow, from sample preparation to data analysis, is carefully executed and monitored with our Quality Control pipeline. Our algorithms automatically check for stability of MS performance, sample quality and data processing parameters, among others.

Access to different types of equipment according to your needs.

You get all of the above, plus:

  • Quality

    By making use of state-of-the-art equipment and the newest technologies, we are able to produce high-quality outcomes.

  • Speed

    Higher turnover for large studies in combination with a cloud-based signal extraction solution.

  • Transparency

    No black boxes - human validation of results and full transparency.

  • Confidence

    With our rigorous QC pipeline, you can have confidence in the results.

The power of Proteomics in your hands:

For researchers

  • Add proteomics insights to your studies.

    Whether you are planning a new study or using samples already collected, proteomics can contribute to your scientific goals with additional insights.

  • Cross-validate results.

    We can selectively (re)measure samples from existing studies, cross-validate, confirm results and/or provide new insights.

  • Proteomics data.

    If all MS measurements have already been done, ProteiQ can help by analyzing the data already generated. We perform statistical analysis and we create models (ML) to generate biological meaning and novel insights.

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For labs

  • Apply proven MS-DIA workflow to your own research.

    We can assist you in setting up thorough proteomics workflows in your facility, including rigorous quality control.

  • Embrace cloud computing for data processing.

    No matter the size of the experiment, we process your MS data quickly so you can focus on the results.

  • Monetize your spare MS-capacity as part of the ProteiQ network.

    When you opt to be part of the ProteiQ community, you can monetize your instrument when you are not using it.

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Get more out of your research with ProteiQ

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Arnoud Groen, PhD

Co-founder and CSO, ProteiQ Biosciences GmbH

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